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Why do I need an Offishall schedule when I can use my excel file?

Faster, simpler, more transparent, more collaborative, Offishall planning saves you precious hours every week. Also, keep in mind that your shared file is not RGPD compliant...

Is my company big enough to need Offishall Planning?

If you spend more than 3 minutes a day wondering how to meet your colleagues or organise your office space booking, then yes, your business is big enough!

Won't my team members be reluctant to fill in information in yet another tool?

Our users fill out 97% of the Offishall schedule in organisations of all sizes and with a wide variety of needs. Everyone plays along because they feel the benefits of being together outweigh the average 20 seconds it takes to complete the schedule.

How can the monitoring be accepted by our staff representatives?

Offishall was designed around the cardinal rules of transparency and collaborative sharing. All employees have access to the same information. Conversations about the social contract, teleworking, office management and real estate discussions are based on tangible, accurate, verified and shared figures.

What if managers don't want to share information with their employees?

Offishall does not force anyone to fill the schedule. The company culture, the exchange of good practices and the sense of community are always enough to win over the majority. Managers are often the first to complete the schedule as a matter of example.

Can Offishall Planning handle the strict rule of remote working?

The schedule is adaptable to all companies and the office reservation gauges are 100% configurable and customisable according to the health circumstances and the company's own rules.

How does Offishall Planning deal with complex office design?

Offishall provides you with the figures and all the data you need to make strategic real estate decisions for your company. The Offishall team can assist you in your decisions to move to flex, redesign and adapt spaces to optimise hybrid working.

Do you offer refunds?

Offishall offers you the first month of use, at the end of this trial you are satisfied or unsubscribed! No small contract lines, no surprises.

Is it possible to integrate Offishall into all applications?

Yes - Offishall is fully integrated with Slack {and others}, but if you have any other requests, send a message to! We've built APIs in GraphQL that are very easily accessible.

Is it going to be profitable? 🤔

Offishall aims to save you time and money by enabling you to optimise the costs of hybrid working. We've uncovered the hidden costs, measured the time spent on various forms of organisation and looked at the actual use of space in hundreds of companies.
We've created a tool to estimate your potential savings.

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