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The start-up Offishall has created the first think-thank dedicated to the recent mutations of work. Initiated by Audrey Barbier-Litvak, it brings together every quarter different professionals and observers of human resources around issues related to the hybridization of work, i.e. the alternation between office and remote for employees.

Flexibility and desertification of industrial jobs: towards a revival of attractiveness?
September 19, 2022

Flexibility and desertification of industrial jobs: towards a revival of attractiveness?

If industrial jobs are less attractive in an increasingly flexible professional world, these workers nonetheless enjoy functions that respond to the quest for meaning and impact experienced by the younger generations of white-collar workers. At a time when bullshit-jobs are decried in the corporate world, the members interviewed foresee a possible revival of the industry's attractiveness.
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Charles-Henri Besseyre Des Horts is a professor emeritus in management and human resources at HEC. He is one of the leading theorists on HR and the future of work. He previously held a research chair on nomadism. A regular columnist for Entreprises et Carrières, Charles-Henri Besseyre Des Horts has also chaired the French-speaking association of human resources management (AGRH).

Expert & Professor at HEC

Olivier Binet has been CEO of the Fintech Finom for almost two years. A strong advocate of hybrid work, he has implemented 100% remote within the organization, a financial solution aimed at freelancers and SMEs. The company also decided to offer its employees the possibility to live and work from the island of Cyprus for a month, via the "Work & Swim" initiative. Olivier Binet previously worked for Paypal and InPost.

Olivier BINET
General Manager at Finom

Jérôme Friteau has been HRD of CNAV, the national old-age insurance fund, for the past 8 years and Group HRD of Retirement Insurance since 2018. In charge of 3,500 employees and 140 different professions, Jérôme Friteau is a hybrid work head. He has set up pioneering telework agreements within his structure, which are highly agile because they are adapted to each employee with three possible formulas depending on employee profiles. He is currently considering the implementation of a four-day week within the public organization. Jérôme Friteau is also an administrator and active member of the Lab RH (HR network).

HRD at the Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Vieillesse

Anne-Sophie Nomblot has been president of the SNCF Mixité network for two years, the company network dedicated to the issue of gender equality within the public railway company. After holding various operational positions, Anne-Sophie Nomblot now heads France's largest professional women's network, with over 10,000 members. Its mission is to move the lines of gender equality in order to promote change, innovation and the values of social progress within the SNCF. She is also a member of the CODIR of the SNCF Group's societal commitment and ecological transition department.

Anne-Sophie NOMBLOT
President of the SNCF Mixité network

Marguerite Prince-Lebrec is currently Director of Human Resources for the Global Industry Function of the Renault group. She is responsible for over 80,000 employees worldwide. She joined the automotive group more than 17 years ago after a stint in the public administration at the Plan: a government structure responsible for coordinating planning and forward-looking studies on behalf of the State.

Human Resources Director for the Global Industry Function at Renault

Marie Binet has been a senior HR consultant at the Global Fund for over two years. The international organization aims to accelerate the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and employs nearly 1,500 staff in more than 100 countries. Founded by Boutros Ghali, the global fund is based in Geneva. The implementation of hybrid work within the organization is a challenge, particularly in view of the legal context that governs it, as the Global Fund is not subject to national law.

HR Senior Consultant at The Global Fund

Matthieu Fouquet is Secretary General and HR Partner at Onepoint. The technology consulting firm supports the digital transition of companies. A forerunner in the way it organizes work, the company has been practicing telecommuting for the past ten years.

HR & Partner at Onepoint

Benoît Serre has been Director of Human Resources at L'Oréal France for a year. He has worked for Leroy Merlin, Macif and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and is also vice-president of ANDRH.

Benoît SERRE
HR Director at L'Oréal France & Deputy Vice President of ANDRH
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