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In a non-optimised hybrid worldIn a non-optimised hybrid world, on average

4 hours

14 000 €

40 %

are wasted each week by managers in managing the remote presence mix of their teams

are spent each year on accommodation for each employee

of workspaces are not used

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💰 How much does it cost your organisation to implement telework?

Real estate, maintenance, computer equipment, time spent managing the presence of employees: use our simulator to discover the real cost of the hybrid organisation within your structure:

⏱️ You are a manager, how much time do you spend on planning the working patterns of employees in your company?

1-15 min / day

up to 30 min / day

1 hour / day

Did you know?

On average, employees spend 2 hours per week planning their hybrid working patterns 4 hours for managers and up to 6 hours per week for HR and office managers.

Annual cost

6,731.5 €

Annual cost

8,729 €

Annual cost

12,724 €

🗺️ Where are your offices located?

City centre




Annual cost

15,000 €

Annual cost

10,000 €

Annual cost

5,000 €

Annual cost

10,000 €

Let's simulate at the scale of your company

🤷 Number of employees

Total annual cost of
hybrid mode in your company

27,724 €

Achievable savings

8,317 €

Methodology: results calculated on the basis of the average salary in France and the average rental price of m2 of office space (Insee / Arseg 2021 figures)

On average, the work environment cost approximately 584 euros per m² and 10,246 euros per workstation in 2020. These figures represent decreases of almost 26% per m² and 23% per workstation compared to the data for 2019 (789 euros/m² and 13,596 euros, respectively).

Would you like to draw up a precise simulation of the costs and savings that can be achieved for your company?

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