November 22, 2022
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Teleworking: Elon Musk's authoritarian management

Here is what you should know about hybrid work in recent weeks.

Teleworking: Elon Musk's authoritarian management

Tesla: employees no longer able to telework

It's hard to do the hybrid work press review without mentioning Elon Musk's recent statement to his employees that they should stop telecommuting. " Anyone who wants to work remotely must be in the office for a minimum of forty hours a week or leave Tesla," he told employees by email. And this was just a few days before announcing a 10% reduction in the workforce to his teams. " The billionaire has once again demonstrated his legendary brutality," according to journalist Jean-Michel Bezat, who in a column in Le Monde reviewed the management style of the world-famous entrepreneur. 

French workers not very keen on hybrid work

Only one in three workers works remotely at least once a week, according to this BBC paper, citing a recent study by the Jean Jaures Foundation. This is much less than our European neighbours, be they German, Italian or British. This is due to a different professional culture: here, many decisions are taken at the coffee machine. Last but not least, the hybrid is not widespread in Japan either, where non-verbal communication plays a very important role in the professional world, as this article by Mark Johanson shows.

Yes, teleworking boosts productivity.

Teleworking could boost productivity. This is the finding of the National Productivity Council's report published last month, according to which teleworking could boost productivity by 5 to 9%. The optimal frequency of remote working would be"between two and three days a week", the report says. The paper also highlights the emerging social divide in access to telework: on average, in OECD countries, about half of high-skilled workers can work from home compared to only one-fifth of low-skilled workers.  

What will be the jobs of the future?

Space flight pilot, air traffic controller for drones, remote surgeon: 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist. For La Tribune, journalist Clio Bayle highlights five types of jobs of the future.

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