January 10, 2023
3 minutes

Mac Donald's, the leading provider of student jobs in France

Hervé Baron, Vice President of Human Resources at Mac Donald's France was the guest on our podcast on the future of work.

Mac Donald's, the leading provider of student jobs in France

Student jobs: the promise of flexible hours at Mac Donald's

It is one of the biggest sources of student jobs in France. Each year 40,000 young people are hired by Mac Donald's in the 1,500 restaurants it has in France.

Listen to Hervé Baron's podcast (49:00)

What about the recruitment process?

The world's leading fast-food company is thwarting these usual processes, which are now considered outdated by candidates. Hervé Baron invites them to send a video CV. The company's HR vice-president advocates role-playing to select new recruits.

Recruitment: towards the end of CVs and cover letters?

Among the 76,000 restaurant staff in France, the brand includes students, but also mothers and young retirees. The fast-food leader offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of working hours, attracting people who are looking for flexibility in the way they organize their days.

People come to work at MacDonald's to finance their driver's license, the purchase of a car, a trip to the other side of the world... in short, a lot of very short-term projects. But we don't just have students and young people."

There are also "a lot of part-time moms who are trying to reconcile their professional life with their children's schedules, and more and more young retirees who are looking for an additional income."

The world-famous brand receives some 500,000 applications per year in a context of strong labor shortage in the restaurant industry where professionals are struggling - more than ever - to recruit after two years of pandemic. The burger giant is largely resisting the crisis that the corporation is experiencing.

Because at Mac Donald's "we know how to adapt to the schedules, expectations and needs of everyone. This is the group's trademark. This is a crucial issue for a generation Z that is known to be sensitive to the personalization of work methods and times. The difference is that these young people are "looking for individuality, not individualism," says Hervé Baron.

Is this compatible with the collective spirit that is as necessary in companies as in the kitchen? Yes, says the human resources expert. Enthusiasm and team spirit are the order of the day, because "there is a win-win situation": the employer listens to the demands of the employees, who give back in kind.

As a result, Mac Donald's has no reason to be ashamed of its retention rate. 67% of employees have more than 5 years of seniority!

Listen to Hervé Baron's podcast (49:00)

Mac Donald's figures in France 🇫🇷

  • 30 to 50 restaurants open each year
  • 2 million meals served every day
  • 1,520 restaurants in 9,000 municipalities
  • 40-45,000 young people recruited per year
  • 500,000 applications received each year
  • 67% of employees have been with the company for more than 5 years
  • 76,000 employees

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