November 22, 2022
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Reopening the offices of tech giants, professional equality and a guide to good hybrid managers.

Find out what you shouldn't have missed in the news about hybrid work over the last fortnight.

Reopening the offices of tech giants, professional equality and a guide to good hybrid managers.

After two years of pandemic, tech giants reopen their offices

As epidemic indicators fall, Google, Apple and Twitter are inviting their employees back to the office. Tim Cook has told his employees that the return date is 11 April, in a hybrid context that gives workers flexibility. In particular, they will be entitled to one month a year in which they can freely choose where they work. Google announced to its American teams the return to the office - in hybrid mode - from 4 April, with a model of three days a week in physical mode on average. Finally, the head of Twitter announced the reopening of its offices on 15 March, after two years of closure due to the pandemic, telling employees that they would have total freedom of choice of workplace.

Telework: attention to professional equality

In a recent publication - Les Chemins de l'Égalité , published by Editions de l'Aube - the Fondation Jean-Jaurès warns of the risk of excessive recourse by women to telework. The authors warn of the development of a "new divide in the workplace, with a majority of male managers present in the office, able to exchange ideas informally and create links that are beneficial to their careers, and a majority of female managers working more frequently at a distance and less able to value their work and make it visible". In their view, women could be overwhelmed by the domestic burden which is already too much for them. They therefore recommend encouraging men to telework in order to rebalance their investment in the domestic sphere.

Hybrid working: 5 tips for being a good manager

Gaël Chatelain-Berry, author of the book Le manager bienveillant 2.0 published by First, gives his advice to Psychologies magazine for the hybrid era. In a growing perspective of talent retention while a wave of resignations is being felt, here are the recommendations to make you the best manager:

  • Responding and adapting to the new desires of employees, between meaning, freedom and flexibility.
  • Knowing how to adapt the hybrid mode according to the profile, teleworking is not always optimal for young recruits, but it is nevertheless preferable to let them choose.
  • Focus on the result and let the employee organise his or her own working time.
  • Maintain regular contact with employees, in particular by being reachable by your team during fixed hours each day, without meetings or videoconferences.

Offishall is an employee presence management solution that aims to support organizations in the implementation of the hybrid work mode - alternating between telework and face-to-face. Every day, the company allows thousands of users to know who is where when and therefore to find their way around the office (better). The Offishall Planning tool contributes to boosting the attractiveness of the structures by helping them to take up the great HR challenge of the decade: that of work flexibility.

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