November 22, 2022
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Mental health: How to prevent burn-out?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, successive confinements and forced teleworking have led to a deterioration in the mental health of employees, with a particular increase in burn-out. Find out how to prevent social risks in your organisation.

Mental health: How to prevent burn-out?

The figures are edifying. More than a third of French employees are in psychological distress. According to Santé Publique France, last autumn :

😢 16% of French people showed signs of a depressive state, a level 6 points higher than in the period outside the epidemic.

🤯 More than a quarter of French people showed signs of an anxious state, (+12 points)

🥱 70% of respondents reported experiencing sleep problems in the last eight days, (+20 points compared to normal)

❌ Finally, 10% claimed to have had suicidal thoughts during the year.

Train and designate "mental health ambassadors" within your organisation, make your employees aware of relaxation and/or yoga, or encourage managers to conduct a weekly 1 to 1 interview with each employee in the best possible conditions. Discover, in video, the advice of Aurélie Mora, psychologist at to preserve the mental health of employees. ⬇️

Offishall is a collaborative presence management tool aimed at organising telework in companies. This new work mode, known as hybrid (alternating between face-to-face and remote) must be organised in order to ensure the well-being of employees and limit the psycho-social risks to which they may be exposed.

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