November 22, 2022
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Soft skills, teleworking and athletics

💡 Discover in our press review, the top 3 articles that caught our attention on the future of work over the last 15 days. ⬇️

Soft skills, teleworking and athletics

🏝Work less to earn more!🏝

In business, employees are (often) expected to perform their activity at an average intensity every day. In the world of professional sport, the opposite is true. Runners spend 80% of their time working at an extremely low intensity by running very slowly and only 20% at an extremely high intensity.
This article invites us to meditate on this rhythm of work presented as more efficient.
Especially since it corresponds to the hybrid mode which also invites the alternation between effort / relaxation and the division of tasks according to their content between home (background work) and office (meetings, collective work)
🗞 By Harsha V. Misra, to be read in the Harvard Business Review!

👩🏼💻 Teleworking: these organisations that opt for "à la carte" formulas 👩🏼💻

Michelin, Renault Group, SNCF, Capgemini or even France Télévisions: in many French companies, teleworking is now done "à la carte". Since the health crisis, some organisations have increased the flexibility and modularity of employees in the organisation of remote work. This trend makes the implementation of presence management tools like ours even more central.
🗞 By Janique SOULIE and Pierre Mathieu, to be read in The Conversation France

🙏🏼 Soft skills more promising than hard skills?🙏🏼

The transformation of working methods brought about by distance learning has put human-related skills at the centre of the game. Adaptability, ease of real and virtual communication, autonomy, initiative-taking or cooperation; these assets are more crucial than ever in the remote era.

🗞 By Laure Girardot, to be read on the Welcome to the Jungle Francewebsite

Offishall is an employee presence management solution that aims to support organizations in the implementation of the hybrid work mode - alternating between telework and face-to-face. Every day, the company allows thousands of users to know who is where when and therefore to find their way around the office (better). The Offishall Planning tool contributes to boosting the attractiveness of the structures by helping them to take up the great HR challenge of the decade: that of work flexibility.

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