November 22, 2022
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Teleworking: what about sleeping in?

Organising your working day according to your sleep pattern is not antonymous with performance, on the contrary, according to an article from the Harvard Business Review included in this week's press review.

Teleworking: what about sleeping in?

Advocating for sleeping in

What if we organised our working days according to our sleep patterns? Because in this period between the two elections, France does not necessarily belong to the people who get up early. "There is no need to sacrifice sleep on the altar of quarterly results; the great champions sleep, precisely because there is a time for everything. Sleeping longer in the morning is therefore a perfectly valid argument in favour of teleworking," asserts Christian Fauré, the author of this article published in the Harvard Business Review, who compares our performance at work to that of professional athletes. The latter organise, via hyper-personalised monitoring, a daily routine based on their physiological needs.

Exodus of city dwellers to the provinces: beware of redundancy

This is the story of an employee who decided (like many others) to move to Brittany - more than 400 kilometres from his office - without consulting his management. His employer dismissed him for misconduct, in response to which the employee took his case to court. The Versailles Court of Appeal finally ruled in favour of the company, which, according to the court, relied on 'the employer's obligation to ensure the safety of the employee and protect his mental and physical health' .

Hybridization of work: Deloitte abandons new building in London

The audit and consultancy giant continues to optimise its real estate policy, according to this article in the Financial Times - picked up by Le Monde. The firm will sell Hill House, one of its buildings in the City of London, next month. This brings to 23,000 square metres the surface area that the company has sold in the British capital in one year. Deloitte is banking on hybrid working and flex office, while an internal survey revealed that the majority of employees did not want to come to the office more than two days a week.

Offishall is an employee presence management solution that aims to support organizations in the implementation of the hybrid work mode - alternating between telework and face-to-face. Every day, the company allows thousands of users to know who is where when and therefore to find their way around the office (better). The Offishall Planning tool contributes to boosting the attractiveness of the structures by helping them to take up the great HR challenge of the decade: that of work flexibility.

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