November 22, 2022
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Hybrid work: how to reduce your carbon footprint?

Turn off your video camera when you're in the office or encourage a higher density of employees. Discover our 4 tips to (tele)work while keeping an eye on energy sobriety!

Hybrid work: how to reduce your carbon footprint?

Ban video conferencing when you are on the same site as your employees.

A 1.5 hour videoconference with 10 participants emits the CO2 equivalent of an 8 km car journey.

On average, during their professional career, office workers - working in full remote - generate a carbon footprint equivalent to a round trip from Paris to New York!

However, it is more ecological to opt for videoconferencing rather than taking the car to get to work. The most sober option is to use soft mobility, such as cycling or walking.

In video conferencing, remove the video option.

The carbon impact of video conferencing applications is on average 10 times greater when video is enabled, according to Greenspector.

The carbon footprint of video conferencing.

Work together!

Working together from home or at the office is more ecological because the energy consumption (heating, air conditioning, electricity) is more amortized by the number of collaborators present. So wherever you are, promote density!

The "rebound" effects of telecommuting reduce the environmental benefits of telecommuting by 30%.

Keep in mind the "rebound" effects of telecommuting.

Leisure, extra-curricular activities, shopping, lunch: teleworking changes the habits of employees. As a result, in remote locations, the energy savings linked to the elimination of the commute are partially compensated by these additional trips!

These so-called "rebound effects" reduce the environmental benefits of teleworking by 30%.

In addition, in hybrid mode, employees move away from their workplace and make more energy-consuming journeys when they get there. On average, a teleworker lives further away than a full-time office worker!

Offishall is an employee presence management solution that aims to help organizations optimize their energy and real estate expenses through a better organization of the hybrid work mode - alternating between telecommuting and face-to-face work. The company supports thousands of users every day.

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